The Easter Rising

A few days ago the army came to our school to give us the flag. If you are not from Ireland then let me explain….


Next year 100 years ago in 1916 Ireland was ruled by Great Britain. British people gave us laws and we had to obey them. Irish people got fed up of having to obey laws made up by another country. So there was an uprising. Many brave men died so we can have the country we have today. The flag represents having respect your flag.


If you are not from Ireland why not try and find out the history of your country? It is really good fun!

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Macbeth (2)

In school we are acting a play called Macbeth by Mr William Shakespere.

Sorcha and I are the directors of the play along with the production team.

Everyone in my class is helping to make this great!

Here is a short summary on Macbeth….

Macbeth was a Scottish warrior who fought bravely against Norway.

As a reward the king let him rule over a bit of Scotland.

Well once he heard that part he became obsessed with ruling over the entire Scotland.


All for now.

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A-Z about me

A for active     B for bouncy   C for creative   D for drama   E for elephant   F for a good friend   G for gardening

H for hyper    I for intelligent   J for jolly     K for kind    L for lollipop    M for maths   N for noisy   O for otter

P for pretty    Q for quaint     R for rainbow   S for silly   T for tip the can   U for unique   V for very good

W for a wishing well   X for X-factor    Y for yellow    and but not least   Z for… zoo!


Little Darlings

This book report is on a book called Little Darlings.

The author is Jacqueline Wilson.

The 2 main characters are called Destiny and Sunset.

The girls have the same dad but not the same mum.

Destiny loves to sing a song that her dad made up for her(she thinks!) called “destiny”.

Sunset prefers making up songs herself like “In My Black Clothes”.

Sunset lives with her mum Suzy, their dad, her little sister Sweetie and her little brother Ace.

Destiny just lives with her mum.

I give this book 9 out of 10!

Student Blogging Challenge: avatar and about me


My top is blue because I try to stay calm(most of the time!)

My top has daisys on it because of my name.

My zebra legs repersent how I like being diffrent.

My butterfly wings repersent how I would like to fly.

My purple skirt means I am happy.

My red runners repersent how I am proud to be me.

My backround is a jungle because I’m fun and always up for a challenge(like this one!)

Importantly,my hair was in a sidepony.

Thanks for reading.

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P.S I live in Ireland!


The Lion

We were learning about the lion today.

It was interesting.

Did you know they like to eat antelopes?

Also  they are really strong.